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A message regarding helping neglected young people and children

Hillingdon Children’s Services is gearing up to launch a campaign addressing and raising awareness about children who suffer neglect. We are reaching out to Religious Leaders in the community, recognizing their potential to wield more influence than Local Authority Social Care in supporting our drive to enhance life prospects for children experiencing neglect.


We would like to propose hosting a workshop with faith leaders, aiming to disseminate information within places of worship across Hillingdon. Our goal is to spark a drive and momentum for action that can have a lasting impact on the life prospects of children within the borough.


We value your insights and experiences in interfacing with children who may have suffered neglect within your faith communities. We seek guidance on improving our services and approach to engaging families from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.


We look forward to hearing from you.


Best regards,


Sarah Walters

Children & Young People Services

London borough of Hillingdon

Family Hub Interfaith Representation


I am contacting you about the Family Hub Delivery Group in Hillingdon.  This group has been set up to ensure the development and delivery of the family hub implementation plan and to monitor progress.   It is currently made up of representatives from children's centres, youth services, stronger families, health, voluntary sector link, libraries and SEND.  However, we are keen to ensure this group has representation from children, young people, parents and the faith and voluntary sector.


We recognise the crucial role that the faith groups play in Hillingdon's community and are currently looking for one person from the interfaith community group to join this group and represent the voice of the faith groups.   Currently the group meets on a Monday online from 10-11am once every 3 weeks.


Contact Laura Laryea at  for more information

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