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Knife Angel coming to Hillingdon!

The London Metropolitan police and the Hilingdon Interfaith community are collaborating to bring this fantastic project to Hillingdon!

Check out the Official Knife Angel Page Official Knife Angel Page | The British Ironwork Centre

The UK Knife Angel primarily serves as a powerful and symbolic sculpture that aims to raise awareness about the impact of knife crime in the United Kingdom. Here are some of the key functions and goals of the Knife Angel:

  1. Raise Awareness: The sculpture serves as a visual reminder of the consequences of knife crime. By being constructed from confiscated and surrendered knives, it symbolizes the dangers and destructive nature of such weapons.

  2. Memorial: The UK Knife Angel acts as a memorial for those who have lost their lives to knife violence. It honors the victims and seeks to engage the public in reflecting on the human cost of such incidents.

  3. Education: The sculpture is an educational tool, helping to inform the public about the dangers and consequences of carrying knives. It encourages discussions around the root causes of knife crime and the need for preventative measures.

  4. Community Engagement: The Knife Angel often travels to different locations across the UK, providing communities with the opportunity to engage in conversations about knife crime, its impact, and potential solutions. It can be a focal point for community events, awareness campaigns, and educational programs.

  5. Advocacy for Change: By drawing attention to the issue of knife crime, the Knife Angel contributes to advocacy efforts for policy changes, community programs, and other initiatives aimed at reducing violence and promoting safer communities.

  6. Artistic Expression: Beyond its social and educational functions, the Knife Angel is a work of art created by Alfie Bradley. It demonstrates how art can be a powerful medium for conveying important social messages and sparking dialogue.

Overall, the UK Knife Angel serves as a multifaceted tool to address the complex issue of knife crime by combining art, memorialization, education, and community engagement.

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