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About us

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Who we are

Our aim is to promote religious harmony through greater understanding and respect within the London Borough of Hillingdon by:


talking, networking and learning from each other; joining to increase awareness and understanding of each other’s beliefs; sharing what we have in common in our work and activities and raising awareness of the needs of the communities we support;

working together, united in our resolve to maintain peace and unity in a community that supports each other; and by developing and improving faith links across the borough.

The committee represents 5 religions which are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Sikhism 

our committee members:
Reverend Andrew Thompson MBE

Director of Hillingdon Interfaith Community

Ravinder Chauhan


Harjinder Hoonjan


Dalip Singh


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-25 at 20.04.41.jpg
Rehman Anwar
Rev. Navina Thompson

Associate Priest at St Giles Church

Ijaz Khan

Manager at the Hayes Muslim Centre

Ruth Bottoms
Fiona Gibbs

Head of Multi Faith Chaplaincy at Heathrow Airport

HIC is a proud member of the inter faith network (ifn)


Our Mission

The Hillingdon Interfaith Community takes great pride in its active membership within the Inter Faith Network. As a dedicated advocate for interfaith cooperation and understanding, the IFN actively participate in various initiatives that promote harmony and dialogue among different faith communities. Their website serves as a valuable hub for the community, offering a wealth of resources and information that prove highly beneficial to all its members. Whether it's educational materials, event updates, or opportunities for interfaith engagement, their website also stands as an invaluable tool, fostering unity and mutual respect among its diverse membership. Click the link below to view their website.

The Inter Faith Network (IFN)

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