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Notices from The London Met

We're thrilled to share details about our upcoming event, "EmpowerHER: Women in Policing Careers Insight Session," and we're reaching out to our esteemed community partners to request your support in promoting this empowering initiative.

Event Details:

Title: EmpowerHER: Women in Policing Careers Insight Session

Hounslow Police Station, 5 Montague Road, Hounslow, TW3 1LB

Date: 8th March 2024

2 Sessions:

FAO – All Elected Officials (incl Private Office Staff) & Local Faith Leaders

Counter Terrorism Policing are offering further personal security briefings delivered on Microsoft  teams for elected representatives as well as local faith leaders. The briefings will be taking place  monthly in February, March and April and will then move to bi-monthly briefings being delivered in  June, August, October and December.

As before, whilst there has been a significant increase in reporting of hate crimes and incidents due  to world events, at this time, we have no information to suggest that there is a heightened threat to  elected representatives or their staff, nor for faith communities, including those from the Jewish  faith.

As a precautionary measure we have compiled below a range of open source advice and guidance on  safety and security for reassurance and ease of reference, to be disseminated to elected  representatives and faith leaders. We would like to draw your attention to the free ACT  e-Learning counter terrorism awareness course for you and your staff to complete and the The Blue  Book: A Guide to Personal Security | ProtectUK.

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